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              文章出處:http://www.raja-carcover.com/ 人氣: 發表時間:2022-03-03
              Jinan Ganying door manufacturers believe that automatic doors have become more and more popular. Many shopping malls and hotels will choose automatic doors to increase the company's image. The function of ordinary door is mainly to enter and exit. In addition, automatic door also has the following basic functions:
              Enhance the beautification effect of the building. Jinan Ganying door manufacturers believe that ordinary doors often have single form and structure, low selectivity and unified style. However, Jinan induction door widely adopts new design, new decorative materials and new processing technology, which makes it more coordinated with the building structure and enhances the decorative and beautifying function of the building.
              Improve sealing performance and energy saving. Jinan Ganying door manufacturer believes that the automatic revolving door opens outward and closes inward no matter where it is turned. Therefore, the automatic door can reduce heat loss, reduce dust intrusion and increase air tightness. In this case, energy is also saved.
              The operation is healthy and reliable. Jinan Ganying door manufacturer believes that the switch of automatic door has realized mechanization and automation, realized motor drive, and greatly reduced the labor intensity and traffic efficiency of people in and out. As the automatic door adopts advanced control technology and safety protection measures, it is more safe and reliable for pedestrians to enter and exit the automatic door.
              In some large shopping malls, restaurants and other places, automatic doors are often used. Many people don't know how to use the escape lock of automatic door correctly. Escape lock, namely emergency escape lock, also known as fire escape lock, is an escape equipment. Now let's look at the function of automatic door escape lock.
              The primary function is to maintain life safety.
              Jinan Ganying door manufacturer believes that in case of fire and various emergencies, in order to ensure people's rapid and safe escape, an escape lock should be installed on the emergency exit door of the automatic door of the building.
              The secondary function is the safety function.
              Jinan Ganying door manufacturer believes that on the premise of ensuring the life safety of personnel in the building, the safety locking of the induction door has both anti-theft function and rapid dispersion effect in case of emergency. When people in the building go out, just press the push rod and retract all locking bolts to open the door. The fire escape lock shall be used on the fire door of the induction door, and the retraction judgment function of the lock tongue shall not be equipped.
              The third function is the active locking function after closing the door every time.
              Jinan Ganying door manufacturer believes that the escape lock of the automatic door not only effectively prevents uninvited passengers from entering the building from the escape passage, but also ensures the rapid escape of personnel in the building. The escape lock of the automatic door ensures the escape function of the building.
              Jinan Ganying door manufacturer believes that the automatic door is located at the entrance and exit between spaces, which is the basic requirement to facilitate the flow of people. Different scenes, environments and space sizes have different requirements. For example, where the space is narrow, it is required to make full use of the traffic width as much as possible. There are many ways to choose, such as double opening or single opening, setting fixed doors, nested translation or 90 degree flat opening. On the contrary, if you are in a spacious and tall space, you should consider the environment and energy conservation at the same time.