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              文章出處:http://www.raja-carcover.com/ 人氣: 發表時間:2022-02-17
              1 .自動折疊門無明顯原因,逆向運動,逆向運動后,開門指示燈亮5秒鐘。 查看防護體系(如果紅外線傳感器安裝了該部件,則進行維護處理即可)。 發光二極管燈發光的情況下,對準即可。
              1 . There is no obvious reason for the automatic folding door to move in reverse. After the reverse movement, the door opening indicator will be on for 5 seconds. Check the protection system (if the infrared sensor is installed with this component, carry out maintenance). When the LED light is on, align it.
              2 .自動折疊門設備自行開關:檢查遙控器按鈕是否卡在"開"方向,取消即可。
              2 . Self opening and closing of automatic folding door equipment: check whether the button of the remote control is stuck in the "open" direction, and cancel it.
              3 .自動折疊門停止運行,但不能完全關閉。 維護方法重復“設置界限”一項中具體明確的例程。 調整門臂長度、閉合力或向下(閉合)極限后,應重復安全反向試驗。
              3 . The automatic folding door stops running, but cannot be fully closed. The maintenance method repeats the specific routine in the item "setting limits". After adjusting the length of the door arm, closing force or downward (closing) limit, the safety reverse test shall be repeated.
              4 .自動折疊門可以打開,但不能關閉:查看安全保護配件(紅外線傳感器) ) (如果安裝了該附件)。 如果發光二極管燈發光,則對準對準。 如果啟動燈不發光,設備是新的,就安裝。 進行必要的調整后,*重復安全逆試驗。
              4 . The automatic folding door can be opened but not closed: check the safety protection accessories (infrared sensor) (if installed). If the LED light is on, align it. If the starting light does not glow and the device is new, install it. After making necessary adjustments, * repeat the safety reverse test.
              5 .自動折疊門既不能通過門控制面板操作,也不能通過遙控器操作。 維護方法如下。
              5 . The automatic folding door can neither be operated through the door control panel nor through the remote control. The maintenance method is as follows.
              a  .自動折疊門上有電源嗎? 把燈插在插座上。 如果未點亮,請檢查保險絲盒或斷路器。
              a  . Is there a power supply on the automatic folding door? Plug the light into the socket. If not, check the fuse box or circuit breaker.
              b  .你有沒有解鎖自動折疊門? 只要沒有解除鎖定就可以。
              b  . Did you unlock the automatic folding door? As long as the lock is not unlocked.
              c  .自動折疊門下有冰或積雪嗎? 自動折疊門凍在地上了。 清除障礙物。 因此,在設置自動折疊門時,需要考慮這個問題。
              c  . Is there ice or snow under the automatic folding door? The automatic folding door is frozen on the ground. Remove obstacles. Therefore, this problem needs to be considered when setting the automatic folding door.
              e  .自動折疊門上的彈簧開始破裂了。 請合格者代替
              e  . The spring on the automatic folding door began to break. Please replace the qualified one