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              文章出處:http://www.raja-carcover.com/ 人氣: 發表時間:2022-02-15
              1. The repeated use of partition system materials will hardly bring waste to the environment. It is a kind of green environmental protection building materials with long service life. In the long run, it is necessary to install high spacing tie materials
              Other forms of partition materials are cheaper and more cost-effective
              2. The door can be changed at any time during use. The window, solid module and glass partition can be re combined and reused. After disassembly and assembly, the damage of the material is minimal, and the office can be greatly reduced
              The cost of frequent relocation,
              3. The internal structure can facilitate cable laying without wall embedding. It is more convenient for cable maintenance and replacement. Strong and weak current are separated, and the cable trough can play the shielding role of signal line
              4. The installation is fast, and each person can install more than 15 square meters per day
              5耐火防火,間隔系統全部由金屬結構組成,玻璃、彩鋼板等材料同樣具有防火性,隔間系統村料的抗火性可達到場30  60或90分鐘
              5. Fire resistance and fire prevention. The compartment system is all composed of metal structure. Glass, color steel plate and other materials also have fire resistance. The fire resistance of the village materials of the compartment system can reach 30, 60 or 90 minutes
              6. No pollution and odor emission. It can be used immediately after installation,
              7. The door frame is provided with sealing strip, the door leaf is trapezoidal edge, and the door frame is trapezoidal opening, with good sound insulation effect and sealing
              8. The glass door lock can be installed in the middle, which is extremely convenient to use
              9. The shutter can be installed in the middle, sealed well, not dirty and free from cleaning
              10. The sound insulation effect is good, and the partition wall has very excellent sound insulation effect,
              A variety of materials can be selected, including double glass and shutter, color steel plate, gypsum board, melamine board, fireproof board, cloth velvet and marble
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